Who is your customer in 2015?

Who is your customer in 2015? Times are changing, is your business changing to meet new customer demands? Customers today are always connected, are not afraid to express their feelings on social media and want authenticity. They also do their research.

Do You Have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur?

So do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Are you a workaholic? An optimist? Perpetually broke? That is what a study by The Constant Contact Small Biz Council of 785 people in March of 2015 who were running a small business, found that being an Entrepreneur is Tough! No surprise there. But…

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Small Business Survival Rates

As more people became unemployed during the recession of the late 2000’s, more people turned to entrepreneurship than ever before. The challenge is keeping those businesses open. How can we better support entrepreneurs? More businesses exited both the goods and services markets in 2009 than survived. 1 in 2 businesses surviving is NOT good enough. As advisors,…

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Is It Time To Kill “Start-Up” Culture?

Is It Time to Kill “Start-Up” Culture? Over the last decade,  start-up initiatives rule the landscape. From high tech incubators to national initiatives and small business boot camps, the chorus reigns loud and clear: we need to encourage more startups. Small business, the saviour of economic woe, freer of the labour oppressed and solution to…

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How To Be an Entrepreneur: Seek out Opportunity

I want to confess: I have a secret.  One of the things I do in my spare time is peruse Craigs List for enjoyment. You can see humanity at its most vulnerable. It really is a entertaining to read.  Craigslist is also a great place to start your entrepreneurial journey. You can pick up odd…

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Small Business Accounting Software Reviews

Small Business Accounting Software Reviews AHHHH! The thought that strikes many new entrepreneurs when they think about their accounting. Accounting and book keeping is something that most entrepreneurs have little patience for, yet it is an essential component to small business cash management. Years ago, you were stuck using QuickBooks or other similar software. Today,…

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Why Did You Become an Entrepreneur?

What Made You Decide to start your own Small Business? I often get asked why I became an entrepreneur? Why did I start my own company? I could answer that I grew up in an entrepreneurial home, with a father who ran his own business for years.  I could answer, that the change agent  in me did…

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Business in a Slump? You Need a Business Growth Plan.

Develop A Business Growth Plan It seems like all we do is plan.  We write business plans, strategic plans, marketing plans, and disaster recovery plans. We plan our businesses to death.  In the early days of your business, your need to plan less. Personally, I am a planner by nature. Planning is how I organize…

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Entrepreneurs: Do You Love What You do?

Do You Really Love Your Business? One of the things I never learnt in school was how to be a psychologist. Over the years, I took psychology courses, but with a graduate and a professional designation, neither of which are in psychology, I am very ill equipped to deal with psychological issues or offer any…

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The Value of Incubators?

What is the Value-add of incubators? Over the last decade, incubators have been popping up all over the country. There are economic development incubators, venture capital incubators and industry specific. On the tech side, Accelerators are the newest label to be put onto incubators. Despite all of this growth, one question that seldom appears to…

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