What We Do

Our services are delivered by a team of business experts who are passionate about entrepreneurship.

The SME Gurus Platform Includes:

Easy Business Plans

Our tools will transform how your entrepreneurs develop their business plan.

SME Gurus offers:
  • 60 question business plan builder
  • 25 page-banker approved business plan
  • 3 year financial forecast, 2 year cashflows, sensitivity analysis
  • Multiple choice questions and easy to use format

Goal Tracking & Dashboards

Keep track of all your clients in one place, & track their business success.

SME Gurus offers:
  • Dashboard & Client CRM
  • Client Goal Tracker that updates monthly with client responses
  • Web-enabled apps for client communication
  • One stop shop for Service Providers to keep track of their clients

Resources for Entrepreneurs

A one stop shop for Entrepreneurial Resources and tools.

SME Gurus offers:
  • Entrepreneurship Curricula, from sales to cashflow management
  • Sample Contracts and Agreements
  • Financial Tools and Calculators
  • Tools to help your clients start their business

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