Help Your Entrepreneurs Achieve More.

Help Your Entrepreneurs Achieve More.
Manage Your Entrepreneurs – Better

SME Gurus is the only platform built for business advisors who want to watch their entrepreneurs excel. We integrate client management, business planning, resources, education, and metrics to help you get your clients to market quicker, while identifying trouble areas before they become problems.

Integrated Planning & Learning Tools

Our system isn’t just for advisors – it includes great tools for entrepreneurs too. Our business planning web app can get an entrepreneur to a bank ready business plan in a day or less. Are your entrepreneurs still not ready to write a business plan? Then let our curriculum show them how.

Use it Anywhere, On Any Device, Anytime.

SME Gurus is everywhere your clients are; they can go through our curriculum, edit document templates, or even write their business plans on a notebook, tablet, or a smartphone. And best of all, you can check your dashboard on the go. No need to be in the office to see how your clients are doing.

We make managing entrepreneurs and business programs easy by offering a solution that grows with you. If you have 10 clients or 10,000, we can manage your needs.

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Business Plans

SME Gurus can get an entrepreneur to a bank ready business plan in just 1 day instead of weeks.

Cloud Based

SME Gurus works on a variety of devices, so you can use it on a PC, iPad, or smartphone.


Custom entrepreneurship learning materials that clearly explain core business concepts.

Social Enterprise Friendly

Do you work with non-profits or socially minded entrepreneurs? We can support them too.

Easy & Simple - Let Business Experts Guide You To Success.

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