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What’s in a Name?

One of the first questions we usually get asked is “What does BizMula mean”? To which I usually reply, “well what do you think it means”?
Some of the answers surprised us:

a. BizMula-Business Money-i.e. we help you get money. While I think our plans help a lot of people with getting their businesses off the ground and getting the investment they need, this most certainly was not the intent-but glad to see that there is an association.

b. BizMula-Business Donkey–interpretation- a. we do the hard work so you don’t have to. Interpretation b) So easy a donkey could do it
This one I found funny. Perhaps it is my portuguese roots-since the word “mula” is a donkey,–but this was not the intent either, although I do get the idea that we take the hard work out of writing a business plan and in fact the product is so simple that anyone is able to do their own plan.

There are other “common” interpretations of the word “Mula”. As per the great philosophy of Wikipedia….”” Mula can also be
a) A Place in Spain or Malta (perhaps originating from Mula)
b) A radish in Nepal-(Biz Radish–hmmm not sure about this one)
c) A drum used in cuban music (Biz drum like dance to the beat of your own drum—i like this one)
d) A breast (Malayalam language)–we won’t go there
e) Associated with rapper Lil Wayne–nope no association whatsoever

Despite the proliferation of the word “mula”, I always thought that our name was pretty easy to figure out—(hint: look at our logo).
Our logo, for those who are unsure of what it is, is a flask/light bulb.

BisMula-is actually “business formula”–we believe that our plans are the winning business formula and that in fact, a formula for a successful business plan does exist. At its heart, that is what BizMula is–we offer entrepreneurs a formula for getting their business plan done quickly and efficiently. The light bulb component, really is to symbolize the idea of the entrepreneur. Their idea, plus our formula=WIN.
We are getting excited by the launch of the automated service. We really believe that this is a great product and we look forward to sharing it with you soon.

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